The Gregorian Institute Shield, composed of the crossed gold and silver keys of the Papal Insignia, an open book with the words 'Via Veritas Vita' ('The Way, the Truth, and the Life') written on its pages, three golden six-sided stars on a red banner, and a Germanic cross.


Ryan Anderson: Evangelizing for Religious Liberty

Beginning in 2012, Benedictine College in Atchison, Kan., has hosted a symposium on the New Evangelization each spring. As nature rejuvenates, speakers, guests, and Benedictine College religious, faculty, staff, and students all [Read More...]

Religious Liberty in 14 States

March was a big month for religion – Lent, Holy Week, Easter, religious bombings. But things have been happening in state-level legislature as well: More than a dozen states have seen some [Read More...]

Recognition for Middle East Genocide Grows

As the world continues to debate and fight against ISIS, the Memorare Army for Religious Freedom at Benedictine College is asking for continued prayers for the Christians, Yezidis, and Shias who are constantly [Read More...]

Kansas’s Religious Freedom Rally

On Wednesday, February 17, the capital of Kansas held a rally for the protection and advancement of religious freedom in America. The event took place over the lunch hour in the relatively [Read More...]

Law, Community, and Religious Liberty

“There is a very old idea of freedom, that freedom is not the ability to do what you want, but to be free from your own unencumbered passions,” Yuval Levin said. “That [Read More...]

Arguing for Religious Liberty, Again

The reason for the Memorare Army’s existence has just come before the Supreme Court. It all began with the HHS Mandate of the Obama Administration, a regulation forcing all nonprofit organizations — [Read More...]

Mercy Memorares at Benedictine College

Benedictine College students have started a new initiative: Every day at 3 p.m., when the Dining Hall clock strikes the hour, students will stop whatever they are doing and pray a Memorare, [Read More...]

Is Kim Davis a Religious-Freedom Hero? 3 Answers

Kim Davis, the Rowan County, Ky., clerk jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples is at the center of a debate among Christians. The problem is that her signature [Read More...]