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Recommit to Christ at the Creche: 5 Prayers

God did not make Christmas to give us warm feelings. He made it so that we would want to recommit ourselves to him. [Read More...]

6 Silent Lessons of Christmas

The crèche, like the crucifix, tells a story so powerful that it turned the world upside down. [Read More...]

WATCH: Benedictine College Shares Evocative Nativity Story

The film stars chaplain Father Simon Baker as Joseph and nursing student Sister Joan Kolbe Kjerstad as Mary. [Read More...]

Christmas Season: Six Ways to Be a Child

The Church is on the side of the child because it was founded by Jesus, who came as a child and said, “Unless you turn and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.” [Read More...]

Gregorian Institute: The Year in Leadership

Help us promote Catholic identity in public life by donating! $25 or more receives a free book! [Read More...]

This Sunday Tells Us Christmas Is Heaven

It is perhaps the best approximation of that experience available to us on earth. [Read More...]

Flashy Shiny Holy Christmas Awesomeness

If I didn’t love God already, I would love him as much as I love him now on the basis of Christmas alone. [Read More...]

Baby Jesus and the Three Temptations of Christmas

Satan tries to tempt Jesus with pride, vanity and comfort in Lent. As Christmas approaches, we face the same three temptations. [Read More...]