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Seven Lessons From Fatima’s Youngest Visionary

Today, we remember the personal holiness of Blessed Jacinta Marto on the anniversary of her death. [Read More...]

Hero Seminarian Marched, Then Died, for Life

Brian Bergkamp won’t be at this year’s March for Life, but those who used to travel with him to the annual event will never forget him. [Read More...]

Benedictine Science Greatness

Many of history’s scientific progress were not just made by Catholics, but in many cases by priests, some by Benedictines. [Read More...]

Top 100 Proudly Catholic Movies

The Gregorian Institute at Benedictine College surveyed 6,500 online readers to vote on their favorite “Proudly Catholic Movies.” The result is a Catholic Hall of Fame list of the top 100 movies, [Read More...]

Catholic Imagination and Movies

“Can a film change the world?” asked Time magazine in March 2008. Yes, it said – and reported a $100 million U.N. film fund aimed at combatting stereotypes. “More and more,” it [Read More...]

POLL: Your Favorite Catholic Movies

This Fourth of July weekend is big at the box office, and Benedictine College’s Catholic Hall of Fame wants to know your favorite “Proudly Catholic” movies. We have fixed the bugs in [Read More...]

London 2012 Slideshow: The Catholic Olympians

Mariel Zagunis, two-time Olympic gold medalist in fencing, led U.S. athletes in the Parade of Nations. She once said “My faith in God really played an enormous role in my life.” Lopez [Read More...]

Celebrate Catholic Identity in Public Life

American Catholics have too often fallen into a self-defeating pattern. Call it the ghetto syndrome. The ghetto syndrome started years before the ghetto, in 1634 when Cecil Calvert’s Catholic settlers headed to [Read More...]