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Why Health Care Is the Next Big Identity Fight

 President of Benedictine College Stephen D. Minnis visits with the Missionaries of Charity in the new Mother Teresa Nursing Center. Photo by Steven Johnson/The Leaven This post originally appeared at The [Read More...]

Pornography: We’re In the Denial Stage

Just yesterday, I finished and sent off a pamphlet on pornography use that I hope you will someday soon be able to find in the back of a parish near you. It [Read More...]

Irene Was What It Was

This post first appeared at When my son and I were checking news online to see updates on the hurricane last weekend we had a hard time figuring out what was [Read More...]

Gay Marriage Means no Marriage

I have been involved in an e-mail discussion with a celebrity who first sought me out after I commented on the gay “marriage” vote in New York. I won’t say who he [Read More...]

A Biblical Walk Through the Mass: Understanding What We Say And Do In the Liturgy

 Dr. Edward Sri holding a picture of Benedictine College’s campus, where he was a professor for years. By Ted Sri Dr. Edward Sri is Professor of Scripture and Theology at the Augustine [Read More...]

Pope Benedict On Offering Up Sacrifices

What follows is an excerpt — paragraph 40 — from Pope Benedict XVI’s encyclical Spe Salvi. Read the complete encyclical here. I would like to add here another brief comment with some [Read More...]

How to Pray a Holy Hour Document

How to pray a holy hour.     How to pray a holy hour from thegregorian [Read More...]