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Novena: Pray With Mary for a New Pentecost

Benedictine College has a long history of gathering Memorare Armies to pray for intentions from enrollment to religious liberty.

Now, with Pentecost nine days away, we invite members of the Memorare Army and others to pray for a new Pentecost.

“We need to pray for a New Pentecost for the Church in this hour!” said Pope Francis in his first year as Pope. “The Church needs to rise up in this hour with the same power with which she transformed the world of the first centuries. She can — by the power of the Holy Spirit!”

Pope Francis is just the latest Pope to pray for a New Pentecost on the Church.

“Let us implore from God the grace of a new Pentecost for the Church in America,” said Pope Benedict in America in 2008.

“By his power the Holy Spirit is truly able to effect in the Church a new Pentecost,” John Paul to American Bishops in 1988.

And our own Archbishop Joseph Naumann recently said: “I believe the Lord wants a new burst of evangelical energy to come forth from America’s Heartland. This new outpouring of the Holy Spirit is not to be restricted to college campuses, but is to penetrate the very core of our Catholic community — our parishes. It is time for a new Pentecost!”

On the nine days from Ascension Thursday (May 25) to Pentecost Sunday (June 4), we invite you to pray with us for a new Pentecost.

Each day includes a reading from the Catechism about the Blessed Mother and the Holy Spirit and includes a prayer to the Holy Spirit and a Memorare.

Day One: The Holy Spirit Overshadows Us All


Day 2: Elizabeth speaks of the Holy Spirit.


Day 3 The Holy Spirit prompts Simeon.


Day 4: Gabriel prepares Mary for her encounter with the Holy Spirit.


Day 5: Mary is made ‘full of grace.’


Day 6: The Holy Spirit acts in Mary.


Day 7: With Mary’s joyful cooperation, the Holy Spirit ‘makes the Word visible in the humility of his flesh.’


Day 8: The Holy Spirit draws souls to Christ through Mary.


Day 9: Mary joins the apostles praying for the Holy Spirit’s descent.

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